Officeworks the first Aussie retailer to bring you a 3D printer

Cube 3D
Easy 3D printing lands in Australia...

3D printers are no longer a thing of the future, with Officeworks making it easy for Aussies to pick up a 3D Systems Cube 3D Printer.

Designed for in-home use, the Cube 3D Printer prints in single-colour PLA, which is compostable, as well as ABS plastics, which is recycable and can print designs up to 140mm x 140mm x 140mm in size.

"At Officeworks, we're really excited to see where our customers take the Cube 3D Printer... We encourage everyone to get involved as it's never been easier to bring your big ideas to life," said Officeworks Technology Business Manager, Toby Watson.

Affordable 3D

The Cube 3D Printer is now available and comes in four colours at 21 stores across Australia and onlinewith a price tag of $1,499 - which is nothing to sneeze at, but still affordable.

The 3D printer will also come with 25 ready-to-use designs, but you'll need to pick up ABS plastic or PLA plastic cartridges from Officeworks as well, which come in a variety of colours and are priced at $60 each.

For more print designs, you can pick them up from the Cubify Store or you can try your hand at creating your own using software like Cubify Invent.