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Brother tag printer making RFID cards simple

Brother's new printer makes it easy to create RFID tags with IC chips.

Anyone with ¥150,000 (£627) to invest in a scheme that could open doors in more ways than one might want to consider Brother Japan 's latest specialist printer - a palm-sized machine that can print passive RFID tags.

Available in September, the RL-700S uses ¥9,500 (£40) rolls of plastic tape that contain IC chips, each with their own aerial, that can be programmed with desired information, printed with whatever human-readable information necessary and finally laminated. Each roll contains enough for 30 tags.

Reader included

Naturally, software for making both the content of the tags and the data held thereon is included, as is an RFID reader/writer terminal, which is stuck on one side of the printer. PC connection is by USB 1.1, but the software is Windows only.

Like any other printer, the RL-700S can be networked with an appropriate print server, making it a cheap and simple affair for various company departments to issue RFID access cards to new staff when needed.