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Clubhouse adds 13 new languages to its app - 5 of them from India

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Audio-based social media platform Clubhouse has announced the roll out of its "first wave of local language support." The app, which hitherto supported English alone, will now include 13 native languages including five from India. 

The app will now support French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malayalam, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Tamil, and Telugu. 

Users will be able to join rooms, get notifications and prompts, read descriptions or community guidelines in these languages. The feature is now available for Android devices only, and iOS ones will doubtless get access soon.

Clubhouse names musician Anirudh as app icon

Indian musician Anirudh who has a popular show on Clubhouse

(Image credit: Clubhouse)

Meanwhile, Clubhouse also announced its new app icon, Anirudh Deshmukh, an architect turned singer, songwriter, composer, and more. 

Anirudh is based in Mumbai, and had joined Clubhouse at the start of the year and launched his '72K member club', where he hosts his nightly show ‘Late Night Jam.’ Anirudh is one of popular creators in India on Clubhouse. 

"Budding artists from around the world have come to love Anirudh for the authenticity and genuine support he shares, as he encourages them each night to take the stage and share their music, poetry, and life experiences," Clubhouse said.

Clubhouse is impressed with how passionate Anirudh has been about helping build a musical corner in the Clubhouse community. "We’ve also been impressed to see how audiences have responded to the ‘Late Night Jam’ rooms, and joined from across international borders and timezones just to listen in," it added.

Clubhouse is also working on expanding its monetisation features like tipping and subscription for creators around the world including India. Clubhouse had also introduced a new feature called Music mode that allows musicians to broadcast in high quality. Creators can use professional audio equipment for their performance, like external USB microphones or mixing boards. 

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