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Tesla and Radio Flyer team up to make a Model S for kids

Tesla is making a Model S for the children

Lil' gearheads itching to get a Tesla of their own one day may not have to wait long, thanks to the electric car company working with Radio Flyer, the century-old wagon maker, to create the 'Model S for Kids.'

The toy cart shares more with Elon Musk's motor company than name, as the Model S for Kids sports a striking resemblance to the original road vehicle, complete with fully-functional headlights, high-power rechargeable batteries, and sound system with auxiliary support, allowing your kid to blast One Direction as they cruise down the sidewalk.

Just like the original Model S, Radio Flyer's child-sized adaptation comes with a bevy of luxury options, ranging from personalized license plates to, we kid you not, a fitted car cover and parking sign.

Three "authentic" paint jobs are also available, but beware — even if you stay clear of the add-ons, these bad boys sell at $499 a pop, approximately £345/AU$697.

The Tesla Model S for Kids is now available for preorder off of Radio Flyer's website, with shipping planned for May of this year — the perfect time for an adorable drive with the top down.

Parker Wilhelm is a freelance writer for TechRadar. He likes to tinker in Photoshop and talk people's ears off about Persona 4.