TomTom unveils flagship GO x50 LIVE series

TomTom GO 950 LIVE - lots of capitals, must be good...
TomTom GO 950 LIVE - lots of capitals, must be good...

TomTom has unveiled its new flagship sat nav devices – with the TomTom GO x50 Live series comprising the TomTom GO 950 Live, the Go 750 Live and the Go 550 Live.

The new devices, which have no firm release date beyond Autumn and have not been given a final price yet either, incorporate TomTom's IQ Routes technology.

The integration of the routing technologies apparently make the devices "more intuitive and easier to operate".

"Drivers are given all the information they need about their journey before they set off, at a glance," adds TomTom's release.

Petrol and traffic

You can also see petrol prices, real time traffic updates and safety alerts via the new LIVE snapshot.

"As the world's leading provider of navigation solutions and digital maps, it is our duty to constantly break new ground, developing unique technologies with the sole purpose of making the driver's journey more reliable, predictable and affordable," said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director of TomTom.

"Our unique innovations guarantee the fastest routes, so users are empowered to deal confidently with the ever-changing road situation and take the right decisions accordingly."

So what's the difference between the models? Well the TomTom GO 950 LIVE comes with pre-installed maps for door-to-door navigation in US, Canada and 45 countries in Europe and offers Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT) for uninterrupted navigation when driving through tunnels

The TomTom GO 750 LIVE offers 45 countries in Europe and the Go 550 LIVE offers UK and Ireland.

The LIVE services will cost you a flat fee of £7.99 a month, and we'll bring you pricing when it is announced.

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