TomTom on iPhone GPS app and car kit priced

TomTom's new iPhone app and car kit will set you back a shade over £113
TomTom's new iPhone app and car kit will set you back a shade over £113

A British online satnav retailer has started taking pre-orders for the TomTom iPhone kit and app, priced at £113.85

TechRadar has spoken with TomTom reps in the UK and we are still awaiting the 'official' confirmation of pricing and a release date, which we should be hearing about soon. For now, the release date is still down as 'summer'.

If you are an iPhone owner and are in need of a pocket-friendly GPS device to guide you around the UK and the rest of Europe that you can easily pop into the dashboard car-dock when necessary, then this might prove to be not a bad price at all.

Alternatively, if you are not that desperate to upgrade your current satnav you might want to stick with the good ol' Google Maps on the iPhone for the time being.

Indeed, opinion in the TechRadar office is currently divided - on the one hand, there are those who argue they would rather invest in a dedicated satnav device for the car; on the other, the idea of having satnav functionality on your iPhone at all times seems quite appealing (particularly for road trips to unknown towns).

We've had a go with Navigon on iPhone, which beat TomTom by being the first turn-by-turn app for the iPhone and we'll be giving you our view on that later today.

And, of course, you can expect a fully detailed hands on review as soon as we get our mitts on the new TomTom kit. For the time being, this is what it looks like.

TomTom for iphone

You can get more details and pre-order the TomTom iPhone car kit for £113.85 over on Handtec right now. TechRadar will bring you all the official details, pricing and release date directly from TomTom in the very near future.

And you can see a video demo of TomTom on iPhone right here:

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