Motorist crashes after faulty satnav advice

Even the best satnav device shouldn't be used without at least some common sense

A German man who put a bit too much faith in his GPS navigation system has driven his car onto a tramline.

Driving into the city of Bremen, the motorist followed vocal instructions from his satnav device, and ended up getting stuck on the tracks of the local tram. The car had to then be removed by cranes, holding up the trams for several hours.

"The friendly voice from his sat-nav told him to turn left," a witness told The Scotsman .

"He did what he was ordered to do and turned his Audi left up over the curb and onto the track of a local streetcar line. He tried to back up off the track but got completely stuck."

And this is not the first time that Germans have got themsleves into trouble following their satnav instructions. In October of last year, when a Berlin man heard the words "turn right now," coming out of his satellite navigation device, he promptly made the turn, 30 metres before he actually got to the junction he was supposed to take.

Relying fully on the satnav instructions and totally regarding his own eyes or common sense, the man turned his car into a busy building site, drove up a flight of steps and then ploughed into a portable toilet before realising he'd taken a wrong turn.

James Rivington

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