Mercedes-Benz has just leaked Google's 'Projected Mode' in-car tech

Mercedes-Benz has just leaked Google's 'Projected Mode' in-car mode
Google Projected Mode coming to a Mercedes-Benz near you

Google's long-awaited in-car solution will be called 'Projected Mode' and will 'seamlessly integrate Android smartphones within the vehicle's dashboard unit.

That's according to a job posting from Daimler, the parent company of German auto giant Mercedes Benz, who're seeking a software engineer to assist with deploying the technology within its fleet of luxury cars.

It seems, judging from the posting, that Google's solution will see the smartphone or tablet's display mirrored on a larger display within the car's central control unit.

That would pit Google's 'Projected Mode' as a direct rival to Apple's iOS in the Car solution, which is expected to be announced with help from Mercedes at this week's Geneva Motor Show.


The posting reads (translated): "You are responsible for the application integration of smartphones using the Google Android operating system by means of Google projected mode to the head-unit. This is a technology for the seamless integration of Android smartphones in the Mercedes-Benz head-unit. Smartphone functions such as play, for example, media content, send messages / receive phone calls, navigation, etc., can be controlled and displayed on a safe for the driver way through the vehicle's controls.

"Google-projected mode, you develop one of the most significant technological innovation in the field of telematics, which should be used in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles and in all markets worldwide."

Interestingly enough, there's also a posting requesting applications for a software engineer for Apple's iOS in the Car, which appears to confirm Mercedes-Benz will be bed-hopping between the two great rivals.

Aside from the interchangable Apple/Google mentions, the two job postings read almost word-for-word. That would suggest that whichever smartphone they own, Mercedes drivers will be able to sync up their handset. Pretty cool.

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