Luxury, tech and style: Hyundai Genesis lands in Australia

Hyundai Genesis
Genesis... Hyundai Genesis.

When the new Hyundai Genesis hits Australian roads this month, you'll be forgiven for thinking it looks more like a Mercedes Benz or even an Aston Martin than the models we're used to seeing from the South Korean motoring giant.

Hyundai undoubtedly has BMW, Audi and their ilk in its sights with the Australian launch of this new tech-laden set of wheels.

Specially tuned for Australian roads, the Genesis has been filled with luxurious fittings and tech features we'd more commonly associate with high-end manufacturers.

The car's standard model features a rear-view camera with parking guide, parking assist, a 17-speaker audio system and a 9.2-inch screen with sat-nav – all fairly standard for a luxury sedan.

From South Korea with love

It's when drivers upgrade to the Genesis Sensory and Ultimate Pack models that the tech starts to sound Bond-esque.

The Sensory and Ultimate Pack models boast a heads-up display (HUD) that projects your current speed, cruise control status, lane departure warnings and blind-spot detection onto the windscreen, allowing drivers to keep track of their car's status without glancing down at their instrument panel.

The HUD can be adjusted to accommodate the driver's height and seating position, and it can be customised to display only what the driver chooses.

The Sensory and Ultimate models also include the impressive Around-View Monitor, which provides a bird's-eye-view of the car on the car's touchscreen to assist with spacial awareness.

Anyone wanting to go for the Ultimate pack will also enjoy a panoramic glass roof (don't flip it) and noise reducing acoustic glass.

Plus, in an obnoxious but cool touch, all the Genesis models feature side mirrors that project the word 'Genesis' in puddle lamps on either side when extended.

Breathe easy

Ever got that sleepy feeling behind the wheel? Hyundai's engineers discovered that car occupants become drowsy when CO2 levels in the vehicle reach more than 2000 parts per million.

To combat this the Genesis features a world-first CO2 sensor that keeps the ventilation system from recirculating too much air.

As well as helping you stay alert, the Genesis features a five star Ancap Safety Rating, having received the highest safety score in history.

So, if you're planning any super spy getaways the Genesis may just keep you from careening off a cliff – bullet-proof glass and submarine mode will cost you a little extra, though.

Pricing starts at $60,000, with the Sensory Pack model costing $71,000, and the Ultimate Pack model setting you back $82,000. These are certainly steeper prices than we're used to paying for Hyundais, but they're comparatively modest when considering the kind of cars Hyundai expects the Genesis to go up against.

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