All 2017 Ford cars will have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


Ford has announced that all of its 2017 cars, SUVs, electric vehicles and light trucks will come with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

All 2017 models will come with Ford's Sync 3 system and will be compatible with Apple's and Google's smartphone-compatible systems.

That includes the 2017 models - Escape, Fusion, Mustang and Explorer - already on the market.

Having both systems work with Sync 3 is good news for both Ford and car buyers, in a market divided between iOS and Android, meaning neither party has to decide between the two when it comes to manufacturing/buying.

Both CarPlay and Auto let users use their smartphone to access voice commands, music, and a variety of other apps on the dashboard screen.

Choices, choices

"Ford is not taking the traditional approach of introducing Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto on a few piecemeal models or as an expensive option on luxury vehicles only," said Jeffrey Hannah, Director of North America for global automotive technology research firm SBD, in a press release.

"The guesswork for consumers is over – if you buy any 2017 Ford vehicle with SYNC 3, you drive off the lot with both of these innovative technologies ready to go."

To use CarPlay you'll need an iPhone 5 running iOS version 7.1 or later, while Auto requires at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Hugh Langley

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