Can't visit the cinema? You can now catch new movie releases with Sky

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You can now watch the latest cinema releases from your home, thanks to a new initiative from Sky TV. In quick response to the Coronavirus effectively shutting down all cinemas in the UK, Sky has teamed up with NBCUniversal to bring cinema movie releases to homes right away.

This is a first. With this announcement, gone will be the days of waiting for a cinema release to have finished airing at the local multiplex or arthouse. You'll now be able to enjoy them at home without those noisy kids at the back or getting sticky shoes walking on the spilled drinks and discarded popcorn.

A selection of movies will be available to rent through the Sky Store on the same day as their global release at cinemas, with the first being Trolls World Tour on April 6.

From Friday you'll be able to go to the Sky Store to access The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Emma – all of which were only recently released at the cinema and would ordinarily have debuted on TV streaming services much further down the line.

"Making life a little easier for anyone at home"

In response to people being stuck at home, Sky has also made a few more changes:

  • Sky Go Extra is free to customers – allowing for three screens access at once
  • Free calls to UK landline for Sky Talk customers from the end of April
  • Sky Mobile customers get 10GB of free data

Finally Sky has pointed out that YouTube Kids and – excitingly – Disney Plus will be launching on the platform in 'the coming weeks' so keep your eyes peeled.

Stephen van Rooyen, EVP & CEO, Sky UK and Europe said: “We’re working hard at Sky to make sure we continue to look after our customers.

"We’re also introducing some things to help make life a little easier for anyone at home trying to work, stay connected to loved ones, or keep the family entertained.”

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