Canon EOS R3 expected to arrive earlier than the Nikon Z9

Canon EOS R3 vs Nikon Z9
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While we've been drip-fed either official specs or rumored features over the last few months about the latest sports cameras awaiting arrival, there's been fresh speculation on when they Canon EOS R3 and the Nikon Z9 will make it to retailer shelves.

One recent report suggested the Canon R3 would be announced on June 29, but that's now purportedly a September launch date. According to Canon Rumors – which usually has a good track record of providing reliable information – the EOS R3 will arrive in a couple of months as per "good sources".

The exact date hasn't been revealed yet, and no other features have been leaked either, but if this rumored launch date is accurate, then Canon is likely going to beat Nikon to the finishing line.

As per a report from Nikon Rumors, the Z9 will officially debut only in November or December 2021. This seemingly is in line with a Nikon executive's recent revelation that "the development team is [also] struggling to reach the goal" of bringing the "flagship feeling" that users are expecting.

Expect further delays?

There's a good chance that at least the Canon EOS R3 might be in the hands of some sports journalists during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics as a testing ground before an official announcement. However, given the current global shortage of crucial parts, there's no guarantee that a September announcement for the EOS R3 is final.

And if Nikon feels the "pressure is considerable" to produce a camera that's "something beyond D6" and "that photographers of all genres can use", the company might decide to push the launch of its flagship to early 2022.

Sony was officially set to announce its new vlogging camera on July 7, but had to abruptly postpone it – with no alternate announcement date provided – likely due to part shortages. Nikon Japan has also issued a notice that it can't keep up with the demand for the retro-chic Zfc.

Comparing the availability of more mainstream cameras like Sony's vlogger and the Nikon Zfc to specialist cameras might seem superfluous, but the ongoing pandemic is definitely causing problems for several companies, not just camera makers, affecting big product launches.

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