Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Disavowed: Top 5 new features

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 just went live but the developers Activision and Timi are refraining from calling it "Season 4" as they will use a more thematic name going forward. So this season is called Disavowed and brings a bunch of new elements to the game, including a new map, operator skill, warfare mode, and other in-game improvements.

Call of Duty Mobile is an immensely popular battle royale title that garnered 180 million+ downloads by the end of 2019. The latest update is already live, and if you haven't received it yet, make sure to check out the App Store or Play Store, depending on whether you use an Android phone or an iPhone.

Here are the top features of Call of Duty Season 4 Disavowed that you shouldn't miss.

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Call of Duty Season 4: What's new?

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Call of Duty Mobile's latest update introduces the new Cage multiplayer map, which is an original battlefield design set in a construction site. It features three-lane access which is perfect for close quarter combats, keeping the game fast-paced.

While the developers assure us that there is no perfect cover on this map as the vertical structures make for an expansive view of the whole battlefield.

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Features in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the H.I.V.E gun has been added as an operator skill to the mobile game. Players will need to complete various objectives to unlock this special operator skill, such as playing multiplayer matches, using scorestreak, among others. The Hive gun can only be unlocked until March 11.

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The new Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile brings its first female operator- Urban Tracker along with the legendary character of Soap MacTavish, to the refreshed Battle Pass.

Additionally, there are new weapons and skins to grab after clearing the tiers, including AK117 Mactavish, HG40 brambles, S36 brambles, RUS-79U Viking, and a rainbow knife.

Spring Into Action is a limited-time event featuring two modes-- One Shot One Kill and 20vs20 Warfare battle in Battle Royale. Both the modes are live for 24 hours for users to play and offer double weapon and player XP.

The developers have also revealed that they will be doing away with the zombie mode March 25 onwards as "the mode just didn't reach the level of quality" as they had expected earlier. The Nacht Der Untoten (Night of the Undead) zombie mode map, which was expected to be rolled out with this update, is also not being released for the global players.

However, clarifying its stance, the developers state that they could bring the Nacht Der Untoten map back after they are sure of its quality.

Hardpoint mode is now a permanent mode in Call of Duty Mobile. It is available in both multiplayer and ranked modes, but a player will have to be an Elite ranker to participate in a Hardpoint round.

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