MySpace redesign launches with a whimper

MySpace is being re-designed - not that you would notice
MySpace is being re-designed - not that you would notice

Sometimes controversy is a good thing. When Facebook announced its re-design earlier this year, hardcore users of the site feared change and campaigned for the old look to be brought back, while folks up and down the country argued about which version was better.

A lot of people threatened to stop using it, but nobody actually did. In fact, the publicity meant that more people logged on than ever before.

MySpace has decided not to court controversy and is drip feeding its new redesign to the public. And not only that, anything the website changes, users of the site can opt not to go with the new look. Talk about sitting on the fence.

Drag and drop

The changes to the site so far are less than revolutionary. There's a drag-and-drop feature, where you can move parts of your page round to your taste.

You can also divide information up and dish it out to certain groups of friends. So, if you want your best mates to know about your all-night bender, you can do it, safe in the knowledge that your workmates won't get the feed. Okay, forgetting our cynicism for a second, TechRadar kind of likes this 'friend exclusion' idea.

Lastly, there are now 50 'skins' to choose from to make your MySpace page really your space.

Considering that third-party sites have been offering a similar thing for free for years, MySpace is hardly doing anything ground-breaking with its gradual – and let's face it, long-needed – redesign.

Marc Chacksfield

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