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Tiscali launches Movies Now video service

Buy or rent films and TV shows from 99p with Tiscali's movie download service, Movies Now

Forget about going down to the video rental shop to get the latest blockbusters. Download them to your PC for next to nothing instead. Broadband firm Tiscali has launched a UK movie download service. Movies Now lets you download films and TV shows to buy or rent from 99p.

The new online service currently lists some 500 films and entertainment programmes. The content is available to UK film buffs through the Tiscali website.

Quality content costs

You can download content to rent or buy from 99p. 'High quality' content costs £2.99, while 'super high quality' content is priced at £3.49.

As well as new and classic film titles, the online library also includes classic sports events such as the British Open golf, and natural history programmes from National Geographic.

If you choose to download programmes to rent, you'll need to watch them within seven days once the download is completed. Once you've started watching the film or programme you can go back and watch it as many times as you want within a 24- or 48-hour playback window.