iiNet releases 4G mobile broadband plans

iiNet launches 4G mobile data plans
iiNet launches 4G mobile data plans

Australians looking for a 4G mobile broadband connection now have one more option to choose from, with ISP iiNet today announcing its plans for its 4G services.

Using the Optus LTE network available in metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Newcastle, the iiNet plans offer a competitive alternative to the products from Optus and Telstra.

Pricing starts at $29.95 a month for a 5GB plan, with a 10GB option costing $34.95, a 15GB option costing $54.95 and a 20GB option available for $74.95.

For customers needing a 4G router device, iiNet has both a USB dongle and a wireless alternative. The USB dongle is available for $5 a month on top of the monthly data cost, or can be purchased outright for $189.

Meanwhile, the wireless hotspot dongle has a one off $49 charge on a 24 month contract, or can be purchased for $229 outright.

Only mobile broadband

Unfortunately, these initial 4G offerings from iiNet don't include any voice call components, ruling out the possibility of getting iiNet 4G goodness on an LTE-enabled smartphone like the iPhone 5.

It is, however, the first step in iiNet's rollout of 4G across the country, and we can undoubtedly expect to see 4G voice offerings in the coming months.

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