Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying the Odds – here's everything new coming

Battlefield V
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EA announced Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, adding four new maps to the shooter. All of these maps will center around the Mediterranean front, with all the lush vegetation and beautiful beaches that go along with that region. 

The first of these maps, Al Sundan, will come in June and will be based on the "Under No Flag" single player mission. It will feature the same multiplayer action Battlefield fans have come to know and love, with plenty of space to get your vehicles on. 

A little bit later, there will be the Marita map in July. This will be a more infantry-focused arena, where alleys and side streets will funnel your enemies right into your gunfire. 

There will be two more close-quarter maps added later on, apparently also focused on infantry gameplay. These will be the Lofoten Islands and Provence. More details for these maps will come out later this summer. 

Chapter 4: Defying the Odds is more than just the maps, though. There are more elite characters, weapons and, of course, skins to tide players over until Chapter 5. And, for those of you that have been capped at Rank 50 for the last year, you'll be happy to know that the the cap just got boosted all the way up to 500, and you will get new dog tags every 50 ranks. 

Battlefield V

Image Credit: EA

Wait a little longer

Battlefield V doesn't end in the Mediterranean, however. Battlefield V Chapter 5 will take players to the Pacific front to battle in some of the most iconic theaters of World War II. 

We don't have specific details yet, but EA hinted at Iwo Jima being playable. And, of course, we're sure Battlefield V Chapter 5 will feature a ton of new maps, weapons and skins to collect. 

EA did show off Operation Underground, a beloved map from Battlefield 3, that will come to the game between Season 4 and Season 5 in October 2019. Beyond that, though, we'll have to wait to see what the game will look like later this year. 

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