Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones given a colourful makeover

Sennheiser gains Momentum
Sennheiser gains Momentum

Sennheiser is adding a splash of colour to its high-end Momentum range of headphones.

Although Sennheiser is normally known for its industrial style, the new Momentums have been created to tackle the barrage of Beats-inspired cans entering the market, with the update offering a slimmer, sleeker headphone.

The first Sennheiser Momentum 'phones - which made it into our rundown of the top ten headphones around - boasted luxury in spades, with real leather adorning the earcups. This has been replaced with a material called Alcantara.

This is the same synthetic material that can be found on the Sennheiser HD800 range and is used in the interior of Williams F1 cars and super yachts, so you can still impress your mates but you may need to explain to them just what it is.

Sennheiser Momentum

A Sennheiser spokesperson told us this material wouldn't heat up the way the leather did on the previous Momentums and it is softer and more durable than leather – and if you do spill something on them, then it is said to be wipe clean.

Slide away

These next-gen Momentums keep the metal earpad slider that appeared on its debut Momentum range, so there is still some industry seeping into the style but the colours offered make sure that these headphones are very "on-trend".

When it comes to sound, Sennheiser has added a "high performance transducer system" to give the user optimum audio.

This offers a sound pressure of 112db and, given that they are closed, your fellow commuters shouldn't discover your penchant for blasting Whitney Huston at full blast to get you in the mood for work.

Colour-wise, Sennheiser had help in choosing the pastel shades by some 'style scouts' (its words, if it were our words we would call them 'cool cubs' or 'gilded guides'), to make sure the headphones are coloured to be in keeping with this summer's catwalk trends.

Sennheiser Momentum

Those colours are blue, pistachio, cream or pink. But you already knew that, you trend-savvy lot.

The current range has been optimised for Apple iDevices, so use them with your iPhone and the on-wire volume controls will work a charm.

If you are an Android user, then don't fret: a Sennheiser spokesperson revealed that there will indeed be an Android version out later in the year, alongside some newer colours to keep up with those ever-changing catwalk styles.

The Momentum On-Ears will hit the UK in mid-July priced at £169.99 and will be available from John Lewis or via Sennheiser's online store.

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