Pioneer brings Pandora internet radio to cars

Pioneer Pandora
Future cars will have a radio system where you can't control which tracks are playing. A bit like now

Pioneer has unveiled a new car stereo system that features maps with local searchs, a 'music sphere' and can tune into internet radio via Pandora.

Pioneer's touch-screen AVIC-X920BT is operated by voice commands and features an "ecological awareness" option to advise drivers on how to motor most efficiently.

The device will be available this coming April in the US for a premium price of $1,200, although we expect to see Pioneer announcing partnerships with car manufacturers to put the latest tech in new cars pretty soon.

Pandora is an ideal partner for the in-car entertainment specialists, providing a web based radio service for you to tune into pretty much whatever you like wherever you are.

Talks to your iPhone

Pioneer also promoted its PAIS technology, which lets all of your various gadgets and devices from iPods to home stereos, car stereos and computers talk to each other. So effectively your new in-car entertainment system will seamlessly link-up to your iPhone or laptop and be able to stream any tunes you might have on those devices, or link directly to your favourite Pandora settings on your mobile devices, and so on.

The 42 million Pandora users out there might well be getting pretty excited right now about the prospect of taking their internet radio out with them in the car.


Adam Hartley