Apple and Beats confirm the previously leaked Solo2 Wireless headphones

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Meet the Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones

Update: Beats and Apple have confirmed that they're prepping to release a Bluetooth version of the Solo2 Beats headphones - the set that leaked last week at the FCC - officially dubbed the Beats Solo2 Wireless.

They have a range of 30 feet from their Bluetooth-paired device, and song skip, phone-answering and volume controls on one cup. A full charge provides 12 hours of listening, while an included cable can take you wired if you're out of juice.

The Beats Solo2 Wireless will launch later in November at Apple Stores and other retailers for $300 (about £190, AU$340) in black, white, blue, and (exclusively at Verizon through 2014) red.

In addition the original, wired Solo2 are being released in new colors: Stone Grey, Hunter Green, Imperial Violet, Blush Rose, and Sapphire Blue.

Original story below…

Beats released a pair of headphones - the Beats Solo2 - just as Apple was buying the company earlier this year, and now a follow-up appears to be in the works.

But while there's been a lot of speculation over the various ways Apple might change what Beats is about, a just-uncovered FCC filing suggests the iPhone 6 maker actually won't change much at all.

The FCC documents show a Bluetooth-enabled version of the Beats Solo2 released earlier this year.

But other than the addition of wireless capabilities, these headphones don't seem much altered from the earlier, wired Solo2.

Lightning doesn't strike

There's also been some speculation on whether future Beats headphones will adopt Apple's lightning tech, but for now these appear to be sticking with microUSB so they can remain open-platform.

That may still change in the future, or Apple might even come out with iOS-exclusive variants on otherwise multi-platform headphones, thereby trying to please everyone.

Either way, while this new headset may carry Apple's branding, it appears the new Beats Solo2 will still definitely have the Beats DNA.

There's no clue as to when these will come out, so keep an eye out for announcements from Apple while we do the same.

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