Orbitsound launches compact T9 soundbar to big up small TVs

Orbitsound launches compact T9 soundbar to big up small TVs
The Orbitsound T9 - so small you can barely see it

British audiophile Orbitsound has released its latest soundbar, the dinky Orbitsound T9 that promises a big noise from a small footprint.

With Orbitsound's patented spatial sound technology on board, the company reckons you can place it pretty much anywhere for tip top audio, and you won't find that there's just one audio sweetspot to keep listeners happy.

The soundbar is 30cm long with 140W RMS of power – there's also a subwoofer to find a home for, but with its lacquered wood styling you might not mind having it out on display.

Small but mighty?

The resulting audio is claimed to be a pure, clean sound and a highly dynamic, realistic soundscape – although, obviously, we can't vouch for the T9's sound quality until we get our ears around one for review.

The T9 also works as a mini iPod dock as well as a small-screen-friendly soundbar.

Orbitsound's COO John Cameron said, "Let's face it, the sound from large screen flat panel TVs simply doesn't deliver. Everyone knows this, and unfortunately it is even worse for smaller screen models.

"Not only does [the T9] combine a compact soundbar and iPod/iPhone dock in one, there simply is nothing else of this size and quality on the market."

Available from mid-July, the Orbitsound T9 comes with a UK price of £199.99.

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