Sonos introduces multi-account support for a more personal experience

Beta users can try the new Android app right now

Sonos is answering the prayers of many users, announcing the launch of multi-account support to its service, letting you switch profiles in an instant.

Starting with a beta rollout on Android (downloadable now) and available to everyone else later in the year, the update will let you add a maximum of 32 accounts, with as many Spotify accounts in that mix as you like.

"Some people have their own devices but there are some devices in the home that are shared," Ryan Taylor, senior product marketing manager at Sonos, told TechRadar. "There needs to be an easy way of switching between accounts, that's what we spent a lot of time working on to get right. Not only can I switch easily from my account to my wife's account, but I can also go in and play her favourite tracks for her. So I'll be able to go in and play her favourite radio stations in the home".

The new software update also introduces lock screen control on Android phones and tablets, letting you skip, play and pause with ease.

Furthermore, the search function has been updated to scout out tracks stored directly on your device.

Play on

The second big news from Sonos is regarding its Playbar, which is also getting a software update, one that will enhance the sound quality. Improvements to stereo imaging, EQ balance and more will make for a more immersive sound, promises Sonos.

"We spent about a year looking at individual tracks for which we had specific feedback on from our internal teams and external teams, and we just tried to fine tune the sound," said Taylor.

"We made some changes to the way you hear the sound stage. How it's placed around the stereo image in the room, just to make it a bit more literal, a bit more natural. We made some fine tuning adjustments around how the EQ changes at different volumes of the product."

"It's a lot of little things that add up to what we think is a more enhanced experience with Playbar.

The update is available in the same beta software rollout, and will be available to everyone else later this year.

Hugh Langley

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