Sonos Android app gets Honeycomb tablet update

Sonos Android app gets Honeycomb tablet update
Sonos: Bit of Android loving going on

Sonos has released an update to its Android app that optimises the controller for Honeycomb (Android 3.x) tablets.

Used to control Sonos wireless speaker systems, the controller app for Android has always been compatible with tablets, but today's update gives it a much better look, taking advantage of the 10.1-inch screen sizes to display album artwork and playlists to their best advantages.

Sonos controller

But it's not just the Android controller that's had a bit of love – the Sonos system has had a bit of an overhaul too, with the release of Sonos System Software 3.6.


Sonos users will be glad to hear that this includes improved Spotify integration, allowing you to access your Spotify inbox, browse Spotify's new releases and top tracks from within the app, as well as laying the playlists list out better.


Other additions include AAC+ codec support and the addition of Danish and Norwegian to the language line up.

Sonos has been a busy bee; it's also opening up its Sonos Labs programme to any music service that wants to get itself onto the multi-room wireless system.

Sonos owners will be able to test out Beta versions of music services in the labs area of the app – the company is hoping that opening its APIs up, smaller music services like will be land on the app.

Sonos android app gets honeycomb tablet update

The Sonos 3.6 software and Honeycomb-friendly Android controller app are free updates for Sonos wireless hi-fi systems and are both available from today.

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