Smallest NAD mini-system ever?

Small, but perfectly formed, NADs C715 all-in-one

With Christmas just around the corner, hi-fi stalwart NAD has announced its contribution to the burgeoning mini-system market.

Priced at £325, (or £425 with a DAB tuner), the new C715 has all the functionality you would expect from an upmarket mini system and includes an FM/AM tuner, CD player and built-in 24-watt amplifier.

Versatile NAD

Despite its diminutive dimensions (it's just 20cm wide) and its modest power, NAD says the system has, "sufficient power to drive high-quality speakers".

It's versatile, too: the unit has front-panel-mounted inputs for portable music players and even has a USB port, which NAD says allows users to transfer music files to and from a USB device.

The company claims, "PCs, MP3 players and USB memory drives all easily interface with the C715, with all functions available using the C715's supplied remote control."

But it also offers connectivity for good, old-fashioned hi-fi, too: there are three analogue stereo inputs, one analogue output, one digital output and a headphone jack. Users wanting more bass can also connect a subwoofer to the unit's dedicated sub output.

Finally, heavy sleepers can also set the C715 to deliver a wake up call with a difference, thanks to its timer and alarm facility.