Pure adds to multi-room music lineup with new speakers, hi-fi adaptor

Pure adds to multi-room music line-up with new speakers, hi-fi adapter
Is this the music system they use in the Congo?

Pure's cute Jongo multi-room music system has received a couple of new members over at CES 2013, with the addition of the Jongo T640B stereo wireless speaker and Jongo A140B wireless hi-fi adaptor.

The Jongo T640B is a stereo wireless speaker which can be integrated into an existing Jongo set-up or used to create a new one.

With an aversion to wires, the T640B uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to wirelessly stream music from a smartphone, tablet or computer, and delivers it back to you in 100 Watt stereo-sound.

Stream a rainbow

Inside, the speaker is rocking two custom 5-inch full range drive units, with dual-concentric tweeters which should mean a nice even, room-encompassing sound (we'll be checking this out for sure when we get our ears on the thing).

You can invest in an optional stand or bracket accessory to mount the speaker in landscape or portrait depending on your fang shui, or just have it as a lone wolf on a shelf in landscape.

Out at some point in the first half of 2013, the Pure Jongo T640B will set you back £249.99 and offers speaker grilles in the same lovely bright colours as its more affordable Jongo S340B siblings.

Also launching at CES 2013 is the Pure Jongo A140B wireless hi-fi adaptor which comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 24-bit DAC, optical and coaxial digital and dual phono analogue audio outputs and the same range of natty colours, naturally.

Available for £99.99, the wireless adaptor will be out in the first half of 2013, at which point you'll be able to turn any existing hi-fi unit into a futuristic wireless music streaming beast.

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