Cyrus: "A major advance in CD quality"

Breaking the mould, Cyrus boasts of a major advance in CD quality

Legendary shoebox-sized hi-fi specialist Cyrus has claimed a major advance in CD quality, following its 'Servo Evolution' project. The gains made will be implemented into its new CD players, due for launch later this year.

About Servo Evolution

Cyrus says the Servo Evolution, or SE project, "delivers a radical advance in measurable and perceived definition". Since a management buyout a couple of years back, bosses at the Huntingdon-based firm have given its engineers greater freedom to develop their own projects, which has led to a number of recent innovations.

The SE system is said to provide a significant improvement in data recovery from the disc itself and also lower system-induced noise. And because the SE system should produce much improved first-time read data accuracy, it is, therefore, far less dependent upon error correction systems, which should improve sound quality significantly.

The future of CD audio

The Cyrus-developed Servo engine - which forms the core of the SE project ­- has required significant investment by the company. This is not only significant for Cyrus, but it also shows the company's faith in CD audio as a viable format going forward.

The earliest players to benefit from the new Servo Evolution engineering will also be recognisable as the first to incorporate a new slot-loading mechanism. Expect the full story on these players soon.