Burger King to give away DRM-free MP3s

Would you like some music with that burger, sir? Burger King is to start giving away free DRM-free music downloads with food

Burger King is to start giving away free DRM-free music tracks after British super label EMI made an exclusive deal with promotions company VerveLife . The partnership gives VerveLife's brand partners access to a significant portion of EMI Music's catalogue in order to offer their consumers higher quality, DRM-free downloads via global promotional campaigns.

EMI Music's decision to offer DRM-free downloads has paved the way for brands to engage with and utilise digital music in their campaigns.

Global brand Burger King is the first of VerveLife's brand partners to take advantage of this opportunity, through a custom premium experience being tested by Burger King in the UK.

Under the campaign, consumers will be able to search for, sample, and download a pre-paid EMI Music track from a specially created microsite after inputting a unique code. Codes are being distributed to Burger King consumers upon purchase, and there will be links from the microsite to an online retailer, allowing consumers to purchase further tracks by EMI artists featured on the microsite.

EMI tracks DRM-free in Burger King

EMI is the exclusive major music company offering content for this first-of-its-kind programme and will be featured as the exclusive provider of digital music in experiences being developed by VerveLife for several other global brands.

"EMI's recent decision to drop DRM has had a hugely positive impact on our potential to collaborate with brands in order to offer consumers downloads that they can play across all digital music players. We are very excited about this deal with VerveLife which provides the perfect platform for us to partner with a wide spectrum of high profile brand names such as Burger King," said Barney Wragg, Global Head of Digital at EMI Music.

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