Arcam MD sees lack of support for Brit manufacturers

Arcam - British AV giant
Arcam - British AV giant

Arcam MD Charlie Brennan has told TechRadar that a lack of support for manufacturing companies is holding Britain back in the technology market, but that quality designers and skilled workers are still plus points for the UK.

Arcam is one of Britain's best known AV brands, with its high-end wares attracting rave reviews and managing director Brennan pointing to "some of the best R&D in the business" as a key reason for success.

But, with the British audience not prioritising UK brands over quality and price, and some short-sighted thinking on the half of the money men and politicians, Brennan suggests that the glut of talent is not being helped.

Key problems

"The key problems are the short-term views of the city, government and banks, shortage of good UK based suppliers and a lack of support for manufacturing companies," he told techRadar.

"But, there are many advantages including speed to market, skilled workers and a good technology/design base."

Brennan believes that a focus on sound quality, rather than a page-long feature list, is a key factor in competing on a global scale, and the BBC is a part of that legacy.

"Generally we focus on performance not features, where most Far East brands do the reverse," he stated.

"The heritage of BBC sound quality has helped UK brands focus on stellar sound quality whichstill leads the world. "

Tannoy's vice president Tim Lount suggested that the UK market has no in-built loyalty to British brands – in the same way as the US are urged to buy American, and Brennan agrees.

"The British product needs to be Best of Breed and compete with anything," he said.

"Many British buyers now only focus on price and origin is irrelevant."

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