Asics launches high-tech face mask for runners

Asics Runner's Face Cover
(Image credit: Asics)

Sports brand Asics, best known for its running shoes, has unveiled a new mask specifically for runners. The Asics Runner's Face Cover was designed by the Asics Institute of Sports Science, and is designed to make running more pleasant when you have to keep you face covered during training.

Although it's not a legal requirement everywhere, many territories (particularly in the US) have mandated the wearing of face coverings any time you're outside, including when you're working out to stem the spread of moisture droplets from heavy breathing.

Unlike a simple cloth mask, the shape of the Runner's Face Covering means there's plenty of room inside, and ventilation under the chin allows some airflow without allowing droplets to escape.

An adjustable cord ensures that it fits closely, particularly under the eyes, which should help stop your glasses or shades from misting up, and importantly for a piece of sportswear, it's washable and quick drying, so you can easily get it clean and ready to re-use between workouts.

Asics Runner's Face Cover

(Image credit: Asics)

The Asics Runner's Face Cover will be available to buy globally in September for £35 (about $45 / AU$65). You can sign up now to register your interest and be notified when it goes on sale.

What it's like to wear

TechRadar tried the Runner's Face Cover on a 5k run, and found that although you'll still definitely get hot underneath, the shape means that there's no cloth pressing directly against your mouth, which makes breathing more comfortable.

We found it much more comfortable than using a neck buff in the British summer (something we'd usually only wear in the depths of winter).

You might find it a little tricky to take the mask on and off quickly if you need to take a gulp of water due to the adjustable toggle at the back, but the elastic, which sits above and below your ears, keeps the mask securely in place when you're moving.

If you need to cover your face outdoors but want to keep up your training, it's definitely worth considering.

Cat Ellis

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