Apple will offer free in-store coding sessions to celebrate EU Code Week

(Image credit: Apple)

As part of EU Code Week, Apple will be hosting over 2,000 free coding sessions in its stores throughout Europe. 

Apple has long been a big proponent of getting people, especially kids, into coding, and its participation in EU Code Week, which runs from October 6 – 21, offers a fantastic opportunity for people who are interested in learning more about coding.

The coding sessions are free and open to all, and Apple will be hosting at least one session every day in every Apple store throughout Europe.

According to Apple, the sessions “are designed to inspire and help people of all ages and skill levels learn to code with hands-on interactive experiences.” 

The sessions will include How To: Get Started with Coding, Teacher Tuesdays: App Design & Coding Basics and Kids Hour: Sphero Maze Challenge.

Passion for coding

Apple offers coding sessions throughout the year, with easy-to-follow lessons on using Swift, Apple’s own programming language, which is becoming increasingly popular.

EU Code Week (which is actually much longer than a week) is an initiative aimed at getting people from all walks of life throughout Europe to better understand coding and encourage them to try their hand at it.

In 2017, 1.2 million people from over 50 countries participated in EU Code Week, and it’s expected that this year’s events will draw an even bigger crowd.

For Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, it seems that the collaboration between Apple and EU Code Week is a natural fit. “Apple has long believed coding is the language of the future," he explains, "and we’ve created a range of tools to make it fun and accessible for everyone. We’re thrilled to offer thousands of sessions in Apple stores for EU Code Week, and can’t wait to share our love for coding with young people and educators across Europe.”

If you fancy attending one of the free coding sessions, you can find out when and where they are happening at the Today at Apple website or the EU Code Week events page.

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