Apple Watch 5 Nike edition is out now sporting a whole new look

Apple Watch 5 (Image credit: Apple)

The standard Apple Watch Series 5 was released back in September, but you've had to wait an extra two weeks to be able to buy the Nike edition of the device.

You can now pick up the Apple Watch Nike from Apple's website, where it'll cost you $399 / £399 or AU$649. 

You can get it with either a silicon Sport Band or nylon thread Sport Loop; the former has purple and black, pink and black, beige and black, white and black or just black options, while the latter is available in a variety of patterned options.

The base Apple Watch 5 is one of the most impressive smartwatches available now, with an always-on display, variety of apps you can use, and vital health functions – although it's not much of an upgrade on the Apple Watch 4

In our review we said it's "essentially the Watch 4 – one of our best smartwatches, admittedly – with a compass, more cellular bands to call emergency services worldwide (a noble achievement, if not something people will rip it off the shelves for) and not much more."

What is the Apple Watch Nike?

The Apple Watch Nike builds on the base Apple Watch 5 with a new design and some extra features.

Firstly, there is the aforementioned variety of loops and bands available for the watch, which are designed to be great for sports and active use.

There's also a selection of exclusive watch faces for the Apple Watch that aren't available for the base device that, again, are designed to be useful for people using the smartwatch for exercise.

Finally, the Apple Watch Nike comes with the Nike Run Club app installed, which has a range of features like guided workouts, exercise tracking, and more.

If you're interested in the Apple Watch 5, but want an exercise-centric device, the Apple Watch Nike might be what you're looking for. 

Bear in mind, Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019 are coming up, so there could be some great Black Friday Apple Watch deals to look out for.

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