Apple is working on new products to "blow you away", says CEO Tim Cook

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If you were worrying that Apple is running out of steam in the innovation department, CEO Tim Cook has got news for you: the company is working on new products ready to "blow you away", Cook has told investors at Apple's annual general meeting.

As Bloomberg reports, Cook also said Apple is in the process of "planting seeds" and "rolling the dice" on products launching at some point in the future – though unfortunately he didn't give a lot of detail about what those products were.

The Apple chief did say that some "fantastic" products related to the Apple Watch and AirPods were in the pipeline, while also promising that the Apple Watch is going to continue to get more health-related features over time (like sleep tracking, maybe).

At the meeting Cook also revealed that Apple is working on lowering the price of the latest MacBook Air model, giving potential laptop buyers a more affordable way in to the MacBook Air range.

What happens next?

With Cook stopping short of naming specific products that Apple is working on, it's up to us to fill in the blanks. Could he be talking about the long-rumored augmented reality glasses that would pick up where Google Glass left off?

Or was Cook in fact referring to a self-driving car fully designed and built by Apple? The company seems to be working on some kind of autonomous technology, even if it's more on the software than the hardware side.

A new venture that we're certain is about to be launched is an Apple video streaming service, intended to take on the likes of Netflix and Hulu. It could even be bundled with other subscriptions for news and games.

On the more predictable front, Apple is of course working on refreshes for all its product lines, from AirPods to iPads – expect to see a lot of new devices from the company in 2019, even if their capacity to blow us away remains to be seen.

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