Apple announces macOS Sonoma at WWDC 2023

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Apple just announced macOS 14 'Sonoma' at WWDC 2023, bringing us the next generation of OS for its Mac products. We'll keep you updated with all the new features right here - and you can read about what we'd like to see in macOS 14 while you wait!

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Widgets are the first thing Apple brought up at WWDC, with the new ability in macOS Sonoma to mount your widgets directly on the desktop rather than leaving them in their dedicated panel. When you open a new window, the widgets fade into the background to be less of a distraction - they also automatically color-tint to match your wallpaper.

Through the Continuity function, you can now access your iPhone and iPad widgets directly from your Mac - and all you need is to place your devices in close proximity or link them to the same WiFi network.

Game Mode on macOS Sonoma

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Apple's own M-series silicon has changed the playing field for gaming on Mac products. The new version of macOS will feature 'Game Mode' to optimize your gaming performance with better framerates, less latency, and better system performance.

Game Mode will work with any game, hopefully making the best Macs and MacBooks better gaming platforms than ever before. Apple also revealed new Metal 3 developer tools at WWDC, making it easier and faster for game creators to port their games to Mac.

Death Stranding screen shot for MacOS at WWDC 2023

Sadly, Kojima didn't make a live appearance at the event, so our Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff didn't get to meet him... (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

In a major games industry flex, Apple got legendary dev Hideo Kojima - of Metal Gear Solid fame - to reveal that his studio will be bringing Death Stranding: Director's Cut to macOS later this year. He also stated that future Kojima Productions games will be coming to Mac!

What else is new?

MacOS Sonoma title card at WWDC 2023 presentation

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MacOS Sonoma will also add a 'Presenter Overlay' to make things easier for video presentations. You can present yourself in a movable bubble, or overlay yourself across your presentation fully with an AI-powered live cutout feature. There are new live reaction effects too, which are compatible with any video call app on macOS.

Safari is getting a boost in macOS Sonoma too. Security is a major feature, with private browsing mode now blocking URL trackers completely. The new Passkey feature will make sharing passwords easier, with end-to-end encryption to keep things secure.

New 'Profiles' in Safari will help to separate your personal and work accounts (or different people's accounts, if you're sharing your Mac device). Web apps are also coming to macOS Sonoma, streamlining the process of using apps online - they can now integrate directly onto your desktop Dock with a click, and Safari notifications are also getting a facelift.

Lastly, macOS 14 is getting some new functionality shared by iOS 17, including more powerful AI-powered predictive text, revamped stickers for chats, and more.

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