Android Nougat is just one perk coming to the original Nvidia Shield with new update

(Image credit: NVIDIA)

Just over a week after the release of the updated Nvidia Shiled TV set-top box, the GPU giant has released a software update for the previous Shield model that gives owners a bevy of new features.

When unveiling the updated Shield at CES 2017, Nvidia mentioned that the catch-up upgrade would come to current existing models sometime this month. Now, it's arrived for each generation of the 4K HDR streaming machine.

The Shield Experience 5.0 upgrade - temporarily exclusive to the 2017 Shield when it launched on January 15 - brings the power of Android Nougat to all versions of the Nvidia Shield, including new Android TV apps to enjoy like Vimeo, Twitter, and the oft-requested Amazon Instant Video.

A new, Nougaty center

The update also includes support for Nest cams, picture-in-picture support for select apps, improved game streaming, and preps both models for the eventual release of the voice-activated Google Assistant when it arrives in a later update.

In addition to the main console, the original model of the Shield's handy remote accessory also received a minor new feature with the latest system update, allowing for quick play/pause functionality when the volume slider is double-tapped.

Though most Shield owners will be notified of the update immediately upon powering their device, you can manually download and install the update by visiting the Settings menu, looking for the "About" page, and selecting "System Upgrade." The upgrade needs just over 1GB of space, so you may need to set aside a little room beforehand.

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