AMD wants you to help choose which games get FidelityFX Super Resolution frame rate boosts

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT
(Image credit: Future)

AMD is asking PC gamers for feedback on which games they would like to support FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR for short).

As you’re likely aware, AMD just announced (at Computex 2021) that FSR is planned to launch later in June, and the big revelation was that it’s a potentially high-performing open standard which can work across different GPUs (meaning Nvidia graphics cards as well as AMD – and Intel might even be planning FSR support with its incoming Xe gaming GPUs).

But just as with Nvidia’s DLSS, this rival FSR tech will require games to support it, and that’s where AMD wants your help and feedback in letting the firm know which titles you’d like to see brought into the fold.

The FidelityFX Super Resolution Game Survey asks you to name your “three favorite PC games that you’d like to see support” added for, and also collects a bit of data on what GPU you run.

Presumably these responses will be crunched and some kind of ranking of the most-wanted games for FSR will be compiled, and that’ll help drive AMD’s development efforts going forward with this tech.

Big promises

AMD has made some big promises with FSR, including that it could double up frame rates in performance mode with an AMD GPU, although it won’t be as effective as that when using a rival Nvidia graphics card (but still expect considerable boosts).

One key difference is the lack of machine learning with AMD’s solution, and Wccftech, which spotted the above survey, has already been casting some doubt on how this could impact the effectiveness of the quality of FSR compared to DLSS.

We won’t actually know how good FSR really is compared to DLSS until we get to test the feature out with some games ourselves, of course – so stay tuned for that in due course.

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