Amazon’s PS4 gaming sale offers up blockbuster titles from AU$16

Dreams Halo Infinite
(Image credit: Future/Media Molecule)

With the deluge of PS4 games that are released every year, it’s often easy to overlook great titles – or even just not have the time because you’ve just got too much else to play. Now is the perfect opportunity to pick up some of those big games you might have missed thanks to some deep discounting at Amazon Australia.

The online giant is technically throwing a couple of different PS4 sales at the moment – one covering a range of more recent titles (including Marvel's Spider-Man, Days Gone and Dreams) alongside a separate selection of PlayStation Hits, where you’ll find the likes of God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us.

Having trouble choosing? We’ve put together a selection of highlights below, or alternatively, you can visit Amazon’s video game deals page to view the lot.

Happy gaming! 

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Death Stranding | AU$31 (RRP AU$99.95; save AU$68.95) 

Death Stranding | AU$31 (RRP AU$99.95; save AU$68.95) 

One of the best games to come out of 2019 has been discounted by a whopping 69%! In our review, we commented, "Death Stranding is a wonderfully ambitious stride in design that combines affecting performances with a compellingly original narrative structure. Its seemingly monotonous premise only further catapults it from ordinary to extraordinary, and its singular sense of self marks it as a distinctly paramount game in this cultural moment." Need we say more?

Nioh 2 | AU$39  save $60.95) 

Nioh 2 | AU$39 (RRP AU$99.95; save $60.95) 

If you’re a fan of the original samurai RPG, you’ll love this sequel which came out earlier this year and is currently discounted by a massive 61%. Like its forebear, Nioh 2 is a historical action RPG set in feudal Japan. In this prequel, main character Toyotomi Hideyoshi (a real Japanese warlord from the 1500s) is fictionalised into two separate people named Yoki and Toukichiro – you’ll play as both as you fight to survive in this brutally savage ‘masocore’ role-playing game.

Days Gone | AU$22 save AU$77.95) 

Days Gone | AU$22 (RRP AU$99.95; save AU$77.95) 

Days Gone is one of Sony’s biggest PS4 titles from 2019 – an action-adventure survival-horror title that’s currently on sale for only AU$22. In the game’s post-apocalyptic zombie-infested Oregon, you’ll be riding your motorbike as you fight to survive. This game has caused some divides on the internet, however, love it or hate it, you can’t argue with a 78% discount. 

Dreams | AU$31  save $23.95) (44%)

Dreams | AU$31 (RRP AU$59.95; save $23.95) (44%)

Craving something different? Consider Dreams from Media Molecule, a comprehensive game-creation engine which allows you to mould your environment however you wish. Even if you’re not keen on making games yourself, you can explore other people’s titles and marvel at their creativity.