All the trailers from this week's Nintendo Direct that you might have missed

Between announcing some brand new Switch and 3DS games, launching a new 2DS XL, and promising renewed stock of the SNES Classic Mini it's safe to say Nintendo is doing its utmost to keep players happy in 2017.

In order to show in more detail exactly how happy it's going to make you, Nintendo hosted a 45 minute Direct video on September 13 where it announced a handful of release dates and showed off some exciting new trailers for upcoming Nintendo Switch and 3DS titles.

If you missed the Direct, fret not – we've gathered up all of the trailers and release dates right here for you to watch and enjoy.

Super Mario Odyssey

It's not long until Super Mario Odyssey comes to Nintendo Switch on October 27 and many are expecting it to be the biggest release for the console since Zelda. It's unsurprising, then, that Nintendo is using every opportunity to show the game off. This trailer gives an exciting glimpse at the wide variety of open levels that'll be in the game. Look out for the controversial topless beach scene.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

We would have been satisfied with Nintendo's promise that Pokemon is coming to Switch but to make the wait feel less painful, Nintendo is releasing an update to its Sun and Moon 3DS titles.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will take players back to the region of Alola but they'll have new legendary Pokemon, new ordinary Pokemon, new areas to explore and a new story to enjoy. Both games will be available to buy from November 17. 

See a little more from these new games below and get a look at the new PokeBall themed 2DS XL console. It's about as close to a PokeBall as something not actually round is going to get.

Minecraft: New 3DS Edition

Minecraft is basically everywhere at this point and now there's finally a New 3DS Edition that'll only be playable on the New 3DS, 3DS XL and new 2DS XL. Watch the trailer below. You don't even have to wait to play it, either. The game is available online to buy now with packaged versions coming soon. 

Doom and Wolfenstein II

It's not all colorful lighthearted fun on Nintendo's new console – two of Bethesda's best and goriest games are coming in 2018 and they'll be taking no prisoners. 

This is a good show of faith in the console from Bethesda as the publisher is already bringing one of its older games, Skyrim, to Switch on the now confirmed date of November 17 2017. 

Not only does it look like Nintendo is winning back third-party publishers, it's also diversifying its lineup more than we've seen in a long time and that means a wider appeal for the Switch. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Ever since it was revealed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xenoblade fans  have been anxiously awaiting a release date. Now we have one – December 1. Just in time to add to your Christmas list. 

This new trailer gives a good long look at the game's location and gameplay. There's also going to be a special edition version of the game released alongside a special Pro controller.

Project Octopath Traveler

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 won't be the Switch's only hardcore RPG – Square Enix and the minds behind Bravely Default are releasing a brand new game called Project Octopath Traveler. This is a working title but in the trailer below you'll get a good look at the game's characters and some of its gameplay. 

The game is coming exclusively to Switch in 2018 but there's a free demo on the eShop right now. 

Fire Emblem Warriors

This game is coming to Switch and 3DS on October 20 so of course we got a good gameplay trailer. Enjoy!


Kirby got two trailers in this direct. First up is the Kirby: Battle Royale reveal trailer. That's right, Kirby is coming to Nintendo 3DS and 2DS XL on January 19 2018 to take on all the different versions of himself. Get a quick look at it below!

Don't forget Kirby is also coming to the Switch in Star Allies! After this game was initially revealed at E3, we now know it'll be released in Spring 2018 and will see Kirby teaming up with others in either single-player or online co-op to get through some challenging levels. 

Mario Party: The Top 100

Mario Party is making a comeback in an unexpected way with this 3DS title. Launching on November 10, Mario Party: The Top 100 will bring the top 100 mini games from across the Mario Party franchise into one place allowing you to play with up to 4 friends online on just one game card.

Arcade Archives

It's not just the 3DS getting some classics – the Switch is also getting in on the action with the newly announced Arcade Archives. Make no mistake, this isn't a Virtual Console announcement, but it will make it possible to download Switch ports of some classic Nintendo Arcade games from the 1980s which apparently contain "subtle differences" from their at-home NES counterparts. 

The first game will be Mario Bros on September 27, after which more will follow.

Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, Together

Snipperclips is a game that's already available for the Nintendo Switch and it's a title that makes the most of the console's creative Joy-Con controllers. During this Direct, Nintendo announced it's getting an update on November 10 that'll add new features that'll include new worlds and modes. 

If you already own the game the update will be released to you for free, but if you don't then there'll also be a retail version that's also seeing a release. 

Arena of Valor

The Switch is getting its first MOBA: Arena of Valor. The game has been previously released on mobile but it'll be coming to Switch in free Beta form at the end of this year. Take a short look at it for yourself:

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