5 Uses for NFC on your smartphones in India

NFC or Near Field Communication is a technology that uses high frequency wireless communication to transfer data between devices over a short range (usually about 10 cm or so). This technology makes your life easier as well as more convenient by making it very simple to exchange data and conduct transactions. When you are comparing NFC to Bluetooth, you cannot say one is better than the other as they are different technologies. However, NFC is quicker to set up, requires less power, and provides more security when compared to Bluetooth because of its shorter range. Here are the five uses for NFC on your smartphones in India.

1. Share internet passwords with your friends
Most often than not, your Wi-Fi passwords will include numbers,  alphabets, as well as symbols to make it more secure. However, when you  want to share this password with your friends, it can be quite  troublesome to spell it out verbally. Why worry when you have an NFC tag  to do the job for you. Now all your friends need to do is download  InstaWiFi, simply scan the NFC tag, and they will be logged into your  network.

2. Use Android Beam to share media
Android Beam is a feature that is found in every NFC-enabled  Android smartphone. This feature allows you to share media and even  contacts with another Android device by simply keeping the phones close  together. This is quite an easy way of sharing digital content because  NFC requires lesser power to work, and sometimes can work even with no  power.

3. Start your PC remotely
Sounds too sci-fi to be true? Well, you can definitely do this  with the help of an NFC-enabled smartphone and an NFC tag. All you need  to do is install a few Android apps on your smartphone such as Tasker,  WoL Wake on LAN, and Trigger. Once you have done this, you just need to  configure settings on your Windows computer and you are good to go. Now  when you place your phone on the desk, your computer will automatically  start up as if you switched on the power button.

4. Wake up call
If you are one of those that has trouble getting out of bed in  the morning and keep snoozing the alarm, NFC-enabled smartphones can  help you. An Android app called Sleep as Android has several features  including scanning an NFC tag to dismiss the alarm. So if you really  have to wake up in the morning, ensure that the NFC tag is somewhere  beyond the reach of your bed, like say the bathroom. This means that for  the alarm to stop ringing you must actually get out of bed.

5. Bluetooth speakers
Now you can just tap your phone to NFC-equipped Bluetooth  speakers, if you want to listen to some of your favorite songs. This way  is faster and does not involve as many steps as a Bluetooth connection  usually does. With NFC-equipped Bluetooth speakers, music is just a tap  away! 

The joys of NFC technology have made these tasks a cinch to do with your enabled smartphone.