3 ways the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire may change the Galaxy S8

Samsung is expected to announce its new flagship phone range with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge in the first half of this year, but the Galaxy Note 7 fire scandal has already had an impact on the new devices.

Samsung was hit hard by the Galaxy Note 7 fault and it will likely have a lasting effect on each phone the company releases in the next few years.

What exactly the controversy will mean for the Galaxy S8 - the first flagship device since the trouble - is currently uncertain, so we've investigated a few ways the issues could change the impending Galaxy S arrival.

1. Fast charging may be limited 

Fast charging works by increasing the amount of electricity going from the power source to the phone’s battery. 

Samsung is bound to be nervous about pumping extra electricity into its next flagship phone at speed, which could lead to limitations on fast charging for the Galaxy S8.

Fast charging wasn’t the original issue with the Galaxy Note 7, but the company will be looking at all features regarding the battery in order to reassure customers that there won’t be any more issues.

Other big name Android manufacturers - such as LG, Huawei and HTC - are rumored to be pushing fast charging technology further than ever before though, so Samsung could get a little left behind in this area in 2017.

2. May be thicker or less curved

The top right corner of the Galaxy Note 7 was where the original batch of devices had an issue, with the battery being packed in too tight.

This could mean a design change for the Galaxy S8, with Samsung potentially looking at making a slightly thicker phone to ensure the battery fits in safely.

It could also mean the phone has less of a curve than the Galaxy Note 7 did. If that causes some changes to the Galaxy S8 Edge, we hope it’s not going to ruin the unique design of the phone.

That said, the Galaxy S7 Edge had a slim and curved design many loved so the company should be able to replicate that look once again without causing battery issues.

3. Moving the date to make a bigger deal

Instead of an expected Mobile World Congress 2017 release date - where Samsung has previously announced flagship phones, including the Galaxy S7 - Samsung has confirmed it will launch the Galaxy S8 at separate event, expected to be in either March or April.

Some have speculated the Note 7 scandal and subsequent report has forced the firm to delay the release of its next flagship, but it's likely Samsung is looking for some good press and will make a big deal out of the Galaxy S8 at its own glitzy launch.

MWC would see the Galaxy S8 having to fight for coverage with other manufacturers such as Huawei and LG, but if Samsung holds its own event it can be sure to hold headlines and make a bigger impact.

Want to learn more about the issues which hampered the Galaxy Note 7? Then check out our video below!

James Peckham

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