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Creative Gigaworks HD50 review

Small and stylish speakers for your laptop

These simple Creative speakers put in a decent performance, but won't replace any stereo system

Our Verdict

A good set of speakers, but there are still a couple of improvements for Creative to make before these become a desktop essential


  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Good audio performance


  • No volume control
  • Weak on bass

Small and compact, these Creative Gigaworks HD50 speakers have a minimalist look.

Finished in white gloss with detachable black grills, they consist of the standard two satellites, one being an active terminal feeding sound across a cable to the dumb terminal.

In terms of connectivity, you can add a Creative docking station, while for other devices, including your laptop, there is a standard audio jack.

Decent sound quality

Other than the volume dial there are no controls, so if you want to alter the sound quality you'll have to use your laptop's software controls.

When it comes to sound quality we found them perfectly acceptable but, with no dedicated subwoofer, you'll notice the lack of bass, especially at high volume.

We tested them when watching a DVD and the sound quality was more than acceptable. However, for music playback they won't replace the speakers on your stereo any time soon.