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Trust Retractable Mini Mouse review

A bright and bold mouse that packs away neatly

Aimed at children, this brightly-coloured mouse is compact and discreet

Our Verdict

This isn't a mouse you'll want on your desk at work, but for kids its fun enough


  • Compact
  • Cheap
  • Works well enough


  • Feels cheap
  • Colour is a bit garish

This small and compact optical mouse has a twist in its tail, as the USB lead is retractable and hides away in the base of the unit when not needed.

The quality isn't fantastic, as the plastic feels a bit cheap; but as the pink colour suggests, it's for children to use and it'll withstand less-than-careful hands.

Discreet and tidy

Simply plug it into your laptop and it will be identified. We found the sensor accurate enough for daily use, but it isn't ideal for anything too taxing, such as art packges or games.

The Trust isn't the most professional of mice, but the colour and price easily prove that.

However, for daily use it's more than competent and packs away to a small and light size.