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Fatal1ty FC1-WSVG review

A stylishly designed case with a celebrity pedigree

Zalman's hammock-style drive bay is an inspired design

Our Verdict

Oozes gravitas thanks to its weighty construction, but it's noisy - and very, very expensive indeed.


  • Looks great


  • Fataly expensive


Life is sweet for pro gamer Jonothan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel. He has a globetrotting job thrashing people at Painkiller, more endorsements than Jeremy Laird's driving license. The latest product plastered with his handle is this hulking chassis constructed of 5mm black anodised aluminium.

Resplendent with red LEDs, which have become something of a Fatal-one-tee trademark, the case also has twin front fans for cooling but - surprisingly - it's noisier than a wind tunnel.

However, you'll be happy with the build quality. Zalman's hammock-style drive bay is an inspired design, taking nothing but a shove to get drives properly secured and seated, and the solid door sets this apart. Alex Cox