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Sony NWZ-X1060 Walkman review

Sony's Walkman series gets serious, but still has a way to go

Sony NWZ-X1060 Walkman
Sony are looking to wow you with the Walkman's OLED screen

Our Verdict

The playback quality is excellent, but this player could do with a few improvements before it becomes top dog


  • Great video/audio playback
  • Good audio codec support


  • Missing support for lots of common movie file types
  • Smudgy screen
  • Noise cancelling is battery drain

The last time I played with a Sony personal media player, it was a horrible experience – the interface was a work of the devil designed to stop you from using the thing in any constructive way. Thankfully, times have changed, and the brand's NWZ-X1060 is a good deal more accommodating.

You no longer have to jump hurdles to move files around – a simple drag and drop will do – and the touchscreen interface is a joy to use.

The model reviewed here has a capacious 32GB drive (enough for 120 hours of video), although a cheaper (£210) 16GB version is also available.

The feature set is tempting: wi-fi connectivity, YouTube, noise cancelling headphones, web-browser and a super-sharp 3in 16:9 OLED display. There's also an FM radio.

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