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Creative Muvo TX FM review

Going on a long trip? You might need this...

Our Verdict

Clever design, good battery life and audio quality is among the best around


  • FM radio
  • Good battery life
  • Good audio


  • Headphones aren't the best

As the name suggests, the Muvo TX FM is more than just an MP3 player - Creative has also managed to squeeze in an FM radio along with 256Mb of flash memory.

This gives you more musical choice if you are on a particularly long trip - the battery life is around 15hr - and get bored with the 4hr of MP3 storage that the Muvo gives you at the respectable bit rate of 128kbps (you can get nearer eight at 64kbps with WMA).

Rather neatly, the TX splits in two, with the black section with LCD slotting into a computer's USB 2.0 sockets for transferring tunes - the other section contains a single AAA battery.

Anyone used to dragging and dropping files will immediately get to grips with the operation system, and audio quality is among the best around (it's even better if you upgrade the supplied headphones).