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Samsung MV800 review

Tilting touchscreen and 16MP on a compact camera

Samsung MV800
The tilting touchscreen is handy and the body comes in different colours


  • Flip-out screen
  • Fun art filters
  • Sleek


  • Poor quality screen
  • Touchscreen sometimes unresponsive

The key feature of the Samsung MV800 is of course its tilting screen, which makes it one of the only compact cameras to feature an adjustable screen, especially at this price point. While other screens articulate round to the side of a camera, the Samsung MV800's flips up to the top, making it the world's first compact camera to feature such a screen.

The Samsung MV800 is designed to fit alongside the 2View range of cameras that Samsung introduced a couple of years ago and that feature dual screens, one being on the front of the camera to help with composing self and group portraits.

Helpfully, the compact camera's 3-inch screen also features the ability to flip over if the camera is turned upside down, so you can use it from all manner of awkward angles.

samsung mv800 review

Further good news is that the screen is touch-sensitive, so it can be used to control the camera.

Other specs on board the Samsung MV800 include a 16.1 million pixel sensor, a 5x optical zoom lens that features a 26mm wide angle, Live Panorama and art filters.

HD video recording at 720p is also available.

samsung mv800 review

The Samsung MV800 can be picked up for around £200, which, for a compact camera of this size and specification is fairly expensive. Presumably that extra money is paying for the novel touchscreen.

But does this camera deliver in terms of image quality and ease of use as well as boasting this unique feature? Let's see.