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Where did the hoverboards go? Amazon pulls them from site


Amazon has pulled all hoverboards from its US site.

We scoured Amazon's pages and found only one "electric self-balancing scooter" left for sale, the Airwheel Q6 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle. Mashable uncovered another board, the Cyncbit E-board: 2nd Generation Smart Self Balancing Technology. Both may have gone undetected since they aren't listed as "hoverboards," instead using "self balancing," but their time may be limited yet.

Amazon looks to have targeted the rectangular riders with one wheel on either side - the kind Mike Tyson ate it on - just days after the US government deemed hoverboards unsafe.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) outlined new safety standards Friday, urging retailers and consumers to comply. It's likely Amazon's move is in response to the CPSC's proclamation.

The etailer had previously pulled some hoverboards before reinstating them - if manufacturers produced proof they were safe, that is. The company was also lauded by the CPSC for providing refunds for returned hoverboards.

Now, it's taken total action to get the boards off its virtual store shelves.

We've asked Amazon for further details on its latest decision and if it plans to sell hoverboards at any point down the line, but the company has remained quiet on its hoverboard policies in the past, so we're not expecting much of a response.

UK hoverboards

Still on sale via Amazon UK

A check of Amazon's UK site shows hoverboards are still on sale there, though the boards have also come under scrutiny in the region over safety concerns.

You can still buy hoverboard accessories, like carrying bags, wheels and decals, but no actual, ride-able (possibly combustible) board, save for those few stragglers, in the US. Both Target and Toys-R-Us have also halted hoverboard sales for the time being.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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