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Gear VR price revealed, release date set for early December

Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR gets some real-life fleshing out

Gear VR has been a major focus during the Samsung Developer's Conference, with a number of announcements making their way out of the Moscone Center's walls.

For starters, it was revealed the Gear VR Innovator Edition (essentially a developer kit available to everyone), will go on sale in early December. You can't pre-order the device yet, but you can "pre-register" the device here if you live in the US.

As for price, the Gear VR Innovator Edition will come with two tags; $249 (about £157, AU$285) for a headset bundled with a Bluetooth gamepad and $199 (about £126, AU$228) for a standalone headset.

Gear VR will ship with an SD card carrying three starter software titles: Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot, Intro to VR and a 360 degree concert. A Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - which will not be part of the VR package - is required in order to use the head-mounted display. All told, running this thing is a pretty pricey proposition.

For those looking to create content for Gear VRs people will start wearing next month, the SDK for the headset was released today.

Extra perks

It's also been revealed that a new camera called Project Beyond will enable the VR device to be more immersive.

Beyond is comprised of 16 stereoscopic cameras and a top-view camera that 3D captures in Full HD. In all, 35MP per frame - over a gigapixel per second - can be captured and processed then streamed to Gear VR.

Beyond promises high-speed connectivity, ultra wide-angle optics, adaptive stitching and stereoscopic depth. Multiple Gear VRs can be used to connect to Project Beyond at any time, and it was stated there will be "no lag whatsoever."

Pranav Mistry, Samsung's VP of Research, says Beyond is a "new kind of camera that gives a new kind of immersive experience" so it feels like you're "literally there." Check out the video below for more on how Project Beyond will work with Gear VR.

The camera itself will not be on sale right now as "it's not quite ready" for store shelves, but it will be in the future. However, content from Project Beyond is available today to view through Gear VR.