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You want the Bluetooth? Apple TV can handle the Bluetooth

Apple TV extends Bluetooth functionality

No doubt inspired by the Amazon Fire TV and Roku 3, Apple is adding more Bluetooth functionality to the new Apple TV by extending the technology's usage beyond its fancy new remote and supported controllers and into wireless audio devices.

Users will be able to pair wireless headphones to their next-gen Apple TV, enabling them to stay up late and watch TV at a reasonable volume without waking up the entire house.

It's not just about headphones, though – users will also be able to crank things up a notch by pairing their Apple TV to a Bluetooth speaker or sound system.

And, while not related to Bluetooth, the new Apple TV will also feature a nifty 'night mode' that lowers the volume of everything but speech in the content you're watching, so you can put the remote down and stop worrying about sudden loud music or explosions disturbing your significant other's slumber.

The updated Apple TV is expected to arrive in over 80 countries worldwide in late October.