New Apple TV remote said to be well-versed in gaming and Siri

Apple TV

The new Apple TV is said to include a smarter remote, which could help it compete with today's set-top boxes in terms of smart functionality, and could show Cortana a thing or two in the process.

The upgraded remote is said to connect with the next Apple TV via Bluetooth instead of using an IR signal, 9to5Mac reports. If true, that means the remote will work much better without a direct line of sight to the set-top box. It's also said to operate on replaceable batteries rather than a rechargeable one.

Regarding the remote's appearance, it's reported that it will feature a few physical buttons, as well as a touchpad and internal microphone with which you can chat with Siri. A source familiar with the new Apple TV told 9to5Mac that "you can navigate [mostly everything] on the new Apple TV [solely] using the new Siri button." Maybe this is Apple's way of saying "Bring it on, Cortana."

Is this Apple's big go at gaming?

If gaming is your thing, the remote is rumored to be stocked with motion sensors, which will allow compatibility out-of-the-box with tilt-heavy gaming apps through the version of the App Store said to be coming to Apple TV.

However, if your game requires more inputs that just tilting, the report also states that the new Apple TV might come equipped to offer Bluetooth support for all iOS-compatible controllers, like the SteelSeries Stratus XL.

Though this move likely won't coax hardcore gamers away from their PC, Xbox One or PS4, it might be enough to convince the era of gamers brought up on apps and bite-sized games to make the leap to Apple's next TV box.

Cameron Faulkner

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