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Netflix wants to improve TV browsing, let you watch at work worry-free


Netflix reported Q1 earnings today, and while you may be the kind to care about contribution margins and segment revenues, we're taking a different tack.

Looking at the product we use to watch House of Cards (season 3 had the show's biggest launch in terms of viewers, by the way), Netflix plans to roll out an improved UI for its TV apps in the second half of the year. The company will bring what it calls video playback "forward" to browsing.

No further details were offered as to what the improved UI function will hold, but stay tuned. Our best guess is that it will be a way to watch part of a movie or show while browsing, which (we think) would be a welcome addition to Netflix's UI.

Don't spy on me, bro

Netflix also wants to connect more viewers with its original content, and it's working on ways to better promote these titles by using data to match original content with those most likely to enjoy it.

Finally, over the next year Netflix is making the switch from HTTP to Secure HTTP (HTTPS) in an effort to better protect member privacy. Netflix said the move will help keep users protect when using insecure connections, like pubic Wi-Fi, and also safeguard them from "eavesdropping" by ISPs or employers.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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